Traveling with a dog can be fun for both the dog and its owner, but an uncomfortable vehicle can cause the dog to feel stress and not be comfortable. Many dog owners today are choosing dog-friendly vehicles, which can make all the difference in how your dog enjoys traveling with you. If you’re unsure of what makes a dog-friendly vehicle, come to Rick Case Genesis and allow us to offer some tips.

Here are some characteristics of a dog-friendly vehicle.
• All-season seat covers and floor mats
• Backseat climate and temperature control
• Backseat shaped for the dog’s body size
• Backseat height low enough so dog can easily get out
• Low liftover height in the back makes it easier for the dog to jump in and out
• Pet gates help keep dog secure.
• Sunshades keep the dog from being bothered by the bright sun

Interested in getting a dog-friendly vehicle but not sure what to get? Stop in to our showroom in Plantation.


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