The sheer volume of features available with Apple CarPlay may surprise you. And they are easy to use. Siri voice control allows you to stream music, send texts, make phone calls, and access Apple Maps. CarPlay comes packed with even more benefits for the busy driver. Never feel you are without your iPhone ever.

A good way to plan the day involves putting everything down on a calendar. Do so in advance. This way, you can check your schedule first thing in the morning, or any other time you prefer. The Calendar program in Apple CarPlay presents everything in a crystal-clear manner. Consider it a valuable feature for anyone working in Plantation, FL.

Of course, you can load many apps on the iPhone and access them through CarPlay. Podcasts, WhatsApp, and Spotify are three app examples.

A test drive is an example of a great way to pick a new car. Here at Rick Case Genesis, we’re happy to have shoppers take test drives.

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