Any distraction on the road is a hazard. At night, the gleaming lights of the car behind you reflecting in your rear-view mirror can be a dangerous situation. The good news is that there’s a solution: Auto-Dimming lights. And we at Rick Case Genesis have figured out how they work. Let us share it with you!

The most important part of Auto-dimming lights is the layer of monochromic material in between the layers of glass. When activated by a low-voltage charge from the control circuit this material reacts by darkening, which, in turn, reduces the reflection of the light in the mirror.

Communicating with the control circuit are two sensors: one on the front that is activated by the glare of headlights directly behind you, and one on the back that detects the ambient light reflected from the windshield. These two sensors send a signal to the control circuit, which sends a charge to the electrochromic layer. It reacts by darkening and reducing its reflectiveness.


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